Scholarship & Internship Program

Scholarship & Internship Program

DC Public Service Internships

CAPAL’s Public Service Internship Program places undergraduate and graduate students within the public sector in the Washington, DC area. Intern duties may include policy or scientific research, project coordination and management, business, law, communications, and more. In addition to their internship requirements, interns will participate in CAPAL’s programming such as the Washington Leadership Program, be paired with professional mentors based on similar field interests, and reflect on their internships with other CAPAL interns and scholars during regular cohort sessions. Applicants are asked to specify their placement preferences on the application, and those selected will be placed based on their interests and skills. These internships are open to ALL MAJORS.

Public Service Field Internships

CAPAL’s Public Service Field Internship Program places undergraduate and graduate students within public sector positions throughout the United States. Placements may be in rural or urban areas, such as Alaska, Delaware, and California. Interns will be exposed to various duties such as conducting field research, performing site visits to local communities, and presenting their findings to various partners; they will be able to see their work directly benefit the communities around them. Field interns are also given the opportunity to interact with the DC-based CAPAL cohort via video chats and livestreams of various events. At the end of the program, field interns are flown to Washington, DC for CAPAL’s Summer Closing Ceremony.

Public Service Scholarships

CAPAL’s Public Service Scholarship Program awards scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students who will be serving in unpaid public service internships in the Washington, DC area. These scholarships are intended to enable outstanding students with leadership potential to work full-time and learn ways to influence their local communities and the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) community. Recipients of the scholarships are responsible for securing their own internship opportunity.

The CAPAL-MAASU Public Service Scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate student enrolled at a school that is a member of the Midwest Asian American Students Union (MAASU) or a school located in the following Midwestern states: Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. All eligible scholarship applicants will be considered for the CAPAL-MAASU scholarship.

**For scholarship applicants: You must print and submit the CAPAL Scholarship Program Participation Agreement with your application if you have an internship secured already. If you are still in the process of securing an internship, please note this in your application in the appropriate short answer section. Once you have secured your internship you will be required to submit the Agreement.**

The 2019 Scholarship and Internship Application
will be available in November 2018

The Cook Inlet Beluga Whales have recently been assigned an endangered status. Part of my responsibility this summer is monitoring for beluga whales and sightings, recording the types of activity the whales are exhibiting, and comparing this with possible environmental disturbances that affect how belugas would normally behave, such as invasive plants. I have already done mountain biking with trailers, hiking with pack rafts and paddling along a lake in search of aquatic invasives, and riding trains out to a glacier site where dandelions have flourished in Alaska. -Richard Fu, 2017 USDA Forest Service Intern

Deadline to apply for the 2019 summer program is TBD. The online application must include all of the following components.• Personal statement (750 words max)
• Resume (1 page max)
• Current official or unofficial transcript
• Letter of recommendationThe 2019 Application will open in Fall 2018, we encourage you to apply! Find a pdf version of the 2018 application here (not for submission). If you have any other questions, please email**For scholarship applicants: You must print and submit the CAPAL Scholarship Program Participation Agreement with your application if you have an internship secured already. If you are still in the process of securing an internship, please note this in your application in the appropriate short answer section. Once you have secured your internship you will be required to submit the Agreement.**Application Review

  • The application review process will begin in February, and we hope to place all interns by the end of April
  • Final applicants will be invited to interview with CAPAL and a potential internship placement office during that time

• Only currently enrolled students are eligible for an internship or scholarship through CAPAL.
• Only applicants with a 3.0 GPA or higher will be considered.
• U.S. citizenship is not required for CAPAL’s Public Service internships. Permanent residents, and in some instances, interns with appropriate work visas, are eligible to apply. Specific citizenship and residency requirements may vary by federal agency. CAPAL’s scholarships, however, are open to all students, regardless of residency or citizenship status.

DC Public Service Internship Requirements

• Fulfill responsibilities of a full-time internship within assigned public service organization.
• Attend all sessions of CAPAL’s Washington Leadership Program (WLP) as well as other summer events designated as required.
• Collaborate with assigned Community Action Project (CAP) team to create a finished project to be presented at CAPAL’s Summer Closing Ceremony.
• Attend regular cohort sessions.
• Meet regularly with a paired mentor who matches the intern’s areas of interest, and complete a mentorship plan.

Public Service Field Internship Requirements

• Same requirements as listed for “DC Public Service Internship Requirements,” with the exception of attending the DC programs in-person.
• Attend CAPAL’s Summer Closing Ceremony in Washington, DC. Travel to the event is funded by CAPAL.

DC Public Service Scholarship Requirements

• Same requirements as listed for “DC Public Service Internship Requirements.”

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) • Google • Papa Ola Lōkahi • USDA Forest Service • USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Please check back for updates as we add more placement partners.

2018 Placement Partners:

USDA Agricultural Research Service • USDA Forest Service • USDA Foreign Agricultural Service • USDA Agricultural Marketing Service • The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (sponsored by Google) • USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service • USDA Foreign Agricultural Service • USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

• Public Service internship and scholarship recipients are awarded living stipends with an additional travel stipend based on students’ locations.
• Public Service internships and scholarships are 8 weeks long and conducted during the summer beginning on Monday, June 3 and concluding at CAPAL’s Summer Closing Ceremony, exact dates to be determined.
• CAPAL does not provide or guarantee summer housing, but will try its best to provide support and resources.
• CAPAL internships and scholarships are open to students of all identities. However, an individual’s interest and commitment to Asian Pacific American issues will be considered.
• CAPAL organizes regular social events and team-building activities for its scholars and interns to engage with other students and young professionals in the area.

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